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Yoga & Sailing, 7 days of adventure

Grab the unique opportunity to mix pleasure and healthy spirit

Group 9

Yoga & Sailing
7 nights accommodation on board, 7 days of treatment


July 2021
10 – 17 of July

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12 persons
Maximum participants number: 12 persons

Yoga Retreats

A unique opportunity to mix pleasure and healthy spirit

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Windventures offer a, guaranteed, perfect chance to sail away from troubles and stress, to spend time with your inside, really exist with yourself, master your breath, enjoy the serenity and beauty of the Ionian Sea and live an adventure blend of yoga, meditation and sailing.

Ηighlights of this holistic voyage

  • 7 days of sailing around the Ionian Sea
  • 7 nights accommodation on board
  • Experienced yoga teacher
  • Daily yoga practices
  • Guided meditations
  • Your own sterilized yoga equipment
  • Naturopathy treatment plan
  • Double cabins with private shower room
  • Private chef
  • Free use of Stand-up Paddleboard & Kayak excursions, snorkeling & nature walks

On this holistic voyage, we will guide your well-being according to the principles of Hippocrates “Healthy mind in a healthy body“.

Imagine that, daily yoga practice in nature. And then diving into the deep blue Ionian Sea… Let yourself be lured into taking the plunge and discover what your mind and body are capable of, experience the priceless memory of staying on lonely shores, locations that will reveal untouched, exotic, natural gems.

The Windventures team with the “unlock your mind” philosophy will take you on an unforgettable journey with the potential to be a life-changing experience.

Join our first-class travel for one week on two beautiful luxury sailing yachts, learn more about your Yoga sailing yacht here, along with the Yoga instructor &  your chef for enjoyable meals in the outside dining area of the boat keeping to the traditional Mediterranean style with a mix of flavors and local dishes but also able to cater any dietary requirements.

Your private chef, Agnė Auželytė, believes food brings people together and there is no magic more powerful than the one brewing in a shared meal.
Read more about her here.

All in all, the yoga & sailing combo is an inspiring way to honor your mind and energize your body.

Choose your sea voyage & see you on board!

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Meet the instructor

Ajanta, Argyro Gerochristou began her studies at the T.E.I (Technological Educational Institute) of Athens in the department of Aesthetics in the faculty of health and welfare professions.

In parallel, she was trained in the application of bimolecular therapies for facial and body rejuvenation and worked in this field. She completed an intensive seminar in therapeutic pranic breathing and meditation techniques while she had already begun working as a holistic aesthetician using the body’s energy channels (meridians).