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Body Weight Balancing


Τhis is a body weight balancing package for those facing weight issues.

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This package consists of 2 Naturopathy Sessions for dealing with nutritional deficiencies, 12 Yoga Sessions with asanas, that will boost your metabolism and manage your weight and 8 Lymphatic Massage Sessions (40 minutes each).

Included in package

  • 2 Naturopathy Sessions
  • 12 Yoga Sessions
  • 8 Lymphatic Massage Sessions

Meet the Founder

Ajanta, Argyro Gerochristou began her studies at the T.E.I (Technological Educational Institute) of Athens in the department of Aesthetics in the faculty of health and welfare professions.

In parallel, she was trained in the application of bimolecular therapies for facial and body rejuvenation and worked in this field. She completed an intensive seminar in therapeutic pranic breathing and meditation techniques while she had already begun working as a holistic aesthetician using the body’s energy channels (meridians).



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Body Weight Balancing

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