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A wonderful holiday destination where you can enjoy the services of Enthymesis for absolute well-being and relief from everyday stress.

Enthymesis focuses on providing healthcare services during your stay on Corfu.

While spending your holidays on Corfu, you will have the chance to enjoy ultimate relaxation and wellness at the modern centre of Enthymesis, where you are provided with a holistic healthcare approach, through naturopathic medicine, massage and yoga therapy.

Choose a massage or a yoga session offered by our experienced therapists at your place everywhere on Corfu – villa, hotel, apartment or even yacht. Alternatively, you can select your desired package among the wide variety of yoga and massage packages displayed on our website or ask us to prepare a totally personalized program, according to your own needs.

Enjoy massage and yoga
from the comfort of your own place

Villa, Hotel & Apartment

For those who choose Corfu for spending their holidays, Enthymesis offers excellent packages and yoga or massage sessions at every place around Corfu. Enjoy our services wherever you stay on Corfu during your holidays, from the comfort of your own place.

Home Visit

Enthymesis offers yoga and massage services at your place everywhere on Corfu. Join our exclusive yoga and massage sessions with our perfectly-trained therapists.

Famous Areas

Central Corfu

A luxurious tourist resort, boasting lots of villas and holiday homes, surrounded by dense vegetation. The Church of Ypapanti is this place’s landmark.


A traditional village that turned out to be one of the most famous destinations to the northeast of Corfu.

Agios Stefanos (San Stefano)

This village to the northeast of Corfu is known for the picturesque harbor and the crystalline waters.


A stunning shingle with amazing waters and lots of taverns along the beach.


This area is being surrounded by olive groves, while most of the hotels, villas and houses have been constructed on the hillside, that affords superb views to the sea.


The endless sandy beach of Chalikounas is adjacent to Korission Lagoon, a wetland that is must-see.


This shingle is always packed, offering lots of opportunities on the beach.


The lovely beach of Arillas with the crystalline waters is being surrounded by olive groves and dense vegetation.

South Corfu

A well-organized beach to the south of Corfu, with water sports facilities and equipment.

Central Corfu

A traditional village with charming beaches and the famous Kaiser’s Observatory – a memorable location offering brilliant views.

South Corfu

A perfect destination for relaxation and one of the best foodie spots, offering a wide variety of meals in taverns and restaurants.


The area of Sinies spreads to numerous beaches and even the resort of Kassiopi. Enjoy this amazing destination and the views to Mt. Pantokratoras.